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Our Client Says

5 Qualities of Good Leadership in Any Industry

—– While certainly different industries have different expectations of employer / employee relations, there are many key traits of good leadership that traverse all categories of interest. In this article, I will outline 5 key qualities that all good leaders share, and how you can begin to practice these qualities in your day to day […]

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Habits of High Quality Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Helping clients purchase the home or commercial property of their dreams takes a lot of trust, patience and people skills, as a start.. —– Especially for the first time buyer, there are many confusing aspects of the real estate purchase process that need be carefully advised, all the while maintaining confidence in the buyer and monitoring […]

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BizPappa Introduces: QR Code / Digital Restaurant Website Menu Combo

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Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities in 2021 (And Beyond)

—– For a long time, commercial real estate has been a grey area, with limited brokers, agencies, and general information available to the public. It makes sense though, given the somewhat uncommon demographic that is interested in such investment properties (business owners who need office space, investors or buyers who can afford large down payments […]

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5 Tips for Selling Your Restaurant: Set Yourself Up for the Best Deal

At Bizpappa, we’re committed to helping restaurant owners sell their businesses in the best ways possible- optimizing for sale value, least amount of overhead costs, least contingencies, and more. If you’re ready to sell your restaurant and want to speak with one of our tenured partners (free consultation), please head over to our website and […]

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Tips to selling your restaurant at the best price and fast

Tips to selling your restaurant at the best price and fast Determining the value of a restaurant is always tricky because you need to separate the real assets and liabilities of the company from the value of the brand. For example, a pizza shop in a Seattle outlet mall has valuable assets like equipment, a […]

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Restaurant Investing Basics from BizPappa

When it comes to investors approaching restaurants, there are multiple points of negotiation that must be considered. Like any business, a restaurant has to be evaluated for it’s flow of money (a given) but money alone cannot determine if a restaurant investment makes sense or not. The restaurant industry is a complex beast where only […]

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The BizPappa Solution to Buying, Selling and Managing Restaurant Businesses

When it comes to buying a restaurant business in Seattle, there are many avenues, marketplaces, and opportunities available. However, in order to have a successful sale or purchase, it takes a strong team of individuals who are familiar with the various laws and processes in the state of Washington. At BizPappa, our mission is to […]

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Restaurant Investment Opportunities to Take Advantage of in 2020

  2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for business owners around the world, but perhaps non more-so than the hospitality industry- specifically restaurants. Through all the uncertainty however, there can be found opportunities that yield long term rewards for those who are willing to take risk. Today I want to outline a few possible […]

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BizPappa Introduces FREE Electronic Gift Cards for Restaurants

One of the most pressing issues of reopening restaurants amidst COVID-19, is the health concerns- by both the restaurant and the customers. Restaurants are required to follow strict regulations in accordance with their state and local governments requests, in order to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19. Customers however, also experience a series of personally-identified […]

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Four Holiday Marketing Ideas for Restaurant Owners

As summer comes to an end.. and people start to feel the downward swing into colder weather and seasonal festivities, restaurant dining behavior begins to shift. Towards the end of September and properly, October, customers of restaurants begin to seek out seasonal opportunities- those experiences that give them a sense of seasonal spirit and fills […]

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Buying a restaurant what do i need to know ?

Restaurant buyer stages: Find A Restaurant Select a broker who has collected all the pertinent data and done the research on the restaurant you want to buy. The research includes the location, the existing kitchen configuration and information of the surrounding area so you can identify your potential competition. Tour the facility, plan a visit […]

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BizPappa launches three-service solution for getting restaurants back on their feet after COVID-19

Today, BizPappa, a Seattle-based startup, has taken the pledge to help restaurant businesses get back on their feet after months of closure due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Leveraging technology, BizPappa has crafted several client-centric and affordable solutions for the most pressing issues of reopening restaurants. As many states are beginning to tackle the challenges of […]

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5 SEO Tips to Promote your Restaurant Business Online

  Online advertising is a necessity for most restaurant businesses. Through it, you can reach new potential customers (for example, tourists who are visiting your city?) and build/engage with your immediate community, through social media, giveaways, paid ads, and more. The trouble, is that there are SO MANY restaurant businesses advertising online, that it can […]

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Create Beautiful, Single-Use Restaurant Menus with BizPappa

As restaurants prepare to reopen their doors amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are many questions about which health regulations will be enforced, to protect the customers from potential exposure to disease. In Washington (as well as many other states), where governments are calling for Phase 2 reopening, restaurants are required to use only single-use menus, […]

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5 Restaurant Trends for 2021

Restaurants constantly go through changes, leading to new trends, workflows, and ways of servicing customers. In light of the 2020 pandemic and massive restaurant industry recessions (financially), new trends have emerged that will change the way restaurant business is conducted in years moving forward. If you’re a restaurant owner or potential investor, take notes and […]

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Buy or build ? which is best for you ?

Buy or Build ? Which is Best For You ? There are myriad of details to juggle when you want to buy a business. As an aspiring restaurant owner, debating between buying an existing restaurantor building a new restaurant is a constant struggle.Buying an existing restaurant certainly has an edge over building a new restaurant. […]

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What Does it Mean to Buy into a Franchise?

There’s a lot of hype around the idea– buying a percentage ownership of a business that is perhaps receiving guidance and support from a parent business entity. But what really are the benefits of buying into a franchise, what are the risks involved that aren’t usually mentioned, and how can you start buying into a […]

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