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BizPappa was a collaboration between Shan Sundaram and Aravind Namasivayam. Shan and Aravind's frustration with the traditional real estate transaction process triggered an idea to design an online platform that specifically assists buyers & sellers of mom & pop stores. Shan and Aravind faced the fact that the established process to purchase mom & pop businesses has numerous pain points.

  • High commissions
  • Excessive back & forth communication
  • A manual & error-prone valuation process
  • Minimal administrative support
  • Transactions can take months to close

BizPappa Eliminates Pain-Points!

The BizPappa platform eliminates traditional pain-points by providing more transparency, eliminating manual processes, reducing time to close the deal, and specialists to guide buyers through the set-up phase. This expert guidance ensures the shop runs smoothly from the very first day of business.

Customers experience many advantages from BizPappa online features.
  • Tools that make the sales process more efficient and comprehensive from start to finish
  • Transactions are a faction of the cost compared to the traditional sales process
BizPappa offers buyers and sellers the ability to analyze, interpret and gain comprehensive data on various market conditions.
  • Property value
  • Market conditions
  • Businesses currently on the market
The BizPappa platform is designed to optimize the transaction process for buyers and sellers of "mom & pop shops".

BizPappa next generation platform

  • Improves transparency with the buying/selling process
  • Eliminates unneeded manual processes
  • Reduces time to close the deal more quickly
  • Guides and helps buyer's set up shop
  • Makes operations smooth from the first day of business

BizPappa Makes Buying and Selling Easier!

BizPappa offers an easy-to-navigate portal to help buyers and sellers identify the most desirable "mom & pop shops" on the market. You will be able to find online business-for-sale listings. BizPappa eliminates the pain-points that have existed in the past within the buying and selling process.

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Shan Sundaram

  • Former Product Manager at Microsoft
  • Veteran Entrepreneur

Shan experienced all the pain-points when he was in the process of attempting to purchase a boutique consulting shop. He found that he was a victim of the traditional, established and cumbersome manual process that made closing the deal much more difficult. Shan recognized that utilizing the most current online and database hardware and software available, purchasing a small business would be fast and profitable for both buyers and sellers.


  • Tech-savvy Entrepreneur
  • Experienced Restaurant Owner

Aravind suffered obstacles when attempting to identify potential restaurants to purchase. Unfortunately, he had to resort to Craigslist and other outdated platforms to identify potential restaurants for sale. Aravind was frustrated with the process to identify potential restaurants. The identification process took several months accompanied with needless "back-and-forth" communication between buyer and seller. The buying/selling process took almost a year to finalize the deal because of the lack of accurate and comprehensive information to make an educated decision.

Aimee Zhang

  • Real Estate Broker and Entrepreneur
  • Food Industry Veteran

During Aimee's extensive tenure at a snack company she helped found and launched into the grocery market, she met many business owners along the way who have thriving businesses and product lines but unsure of how to proceed when they were ready to sell their businesses or how to take their business to the next level. Aimee has always been passionate about connecting people and companies with resources but haven't found a platform that would do this for multiple business owners at the same time. She strongly believes that BizPappa will be THE platform to buy and sell ideas, innovation, and opportunities for all types of small businesses.