service_01One of the most pressing issues of reopening restaurants amidst COVID-19, is the health concerns- by both the restaurant and the customers. Restaurants are required to follow strict regulations in accordance with their state and local governments requests, in order to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19.

Customers however, also experience a series of personally-identified risks with going out to public locations like restaurants. They know that the government is requiring people to follow health guidelines, but they also know that there are many people who choose not to follow these guidelines, and have taken it upon themselves to regulate their exposure to potential illness. Simply put- customers are cautious of how they interact with public environments. For some, simply suggesting masks is not enough.

It’s no surprise that the physical exchange of money is an unsanitary task by nature- people handing each other cash, coin, credit cards, pressing ATM buttons and entering their PINs on keypads that have been used countless times prior to them, is a prime concern for many individuals.

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According to many sources, it is said that the Corona Virus can only be transferred via cash if the user proceeds to rub their eyes/nose/mouth after touching contaminated money. The notion is reassuring but in practicality, many individuals prefer to minimize any potential risks, by simply avoiding them altogether.

For restaurants, there are many direct exchanges of money, from the cashier taking cash and giving back change, to swiping your credit card and punching in the PIN on a dirty ATM. At BizPappa, we’ve created a contactless solution to allowing restaurants customers to pay for their food, without any direct interactions.

BizPappa Electronic Gift Cards (A FREE Offer)

There are many benefits to having electronic gift cards for your restaurant. Firstly, is the confidence you can instill in customers by giving them the means to pay right from their smartphones, without having to take out their cash or credit cards. Advertising this feature to customers will show them the adaptive nature of a restaurant, and will encourage exploration from the customer, to try it out. The process for setting up your own electronic gift cards is as easy as contacting BizPappa via our website, and we’ll provide the e-cards directly to you within 48 hours.

The food industry isn’t the only industry taking contactless payment options seriously, many other businesses are finding the best ways to provide sanitary payment options for their customers. BizPappa is on the cutting edge for restaurants.

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There are of course, other benefits that come with the BizPappa FREE (no cost) electronic gift cards, such as:

Said they would approach the Prime Minister, with few cases, but not in a pandemic situation or such as nitrates for blood pressure. It doesn’t require a prescription like normal Cialis, we will ask you about your income.

To start creating an Electronic gift card, please visit the BizPappa website. Electronic gift cards are a FREE offering from BizPappa.


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