As restaurants continue to explore the most accessible (and sanitary) ways to give their customers a valuable experience, digital menus, that customers can queue up on their phone, seem to be the best solution. Going beyond the traditional “look it up on your phone” directive that some restaurants are leveraging, there’s an opportunity to make it easier for guests to check out the menu- through QR codes. Codes that can be made into stickers and slapped on each table, where diners can easily take a picture of the code and view the digital menu on their phones- the ultimate solution to contactless menus!

Restaurant owners know that these QR code/digital menu combos are the easiest ways to reopen their doors to the restaurant industry and resume their business. That’s why at BizPappa, we have combined our service offerings to help restaurants get their own, custom website as well as 5x QR code menus for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Paper menus are great but can cause a lot of unnecessary waste and can still result in the spread of covid 19. Restaurants that incorporate QR code menus are able to take orders faster and with less waste than traditional restaurant menus.

In short, BizPappa is offering custom, mobile friendly websites for $49 USD and adding 5x FREE QR codes, that can be placed anywhere around a restaurant location and drive customers to an online menu, landing page, etc. To learn more about this and get your own QR code menu website, contact us today!

Physical menus are a thing of the past, and can even reduce the efficiency of a restaurants day to day workflow in real time. Harnessing the power of digital menus and static/dynamic QR codes however, is a great way to get your business back up and running, fast. Contact BizPappa today, to learn more!