Today, BizPappa, a Seattle-based startup, has taken the pledge to help restaurant businesses get back on their feet after months of closure due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Leveraging technology, BizPappa has crafted several client-centric and affordable solutions for the most pressing issues of reopening restaurants. As many states are beginning to tackle the challenges of reopening public gathering places, public health remains a priority and restaurants must stay agile and compliant to state regulations. BizPappa’s long term business solutions aim to help restaurants stay compliant in this important time but also grow their business beyond COVID-19.


1. BizPappa Electronic Gift Cards. FREE for restaurants.

Exchanging physical money or gift cards is extremely unsanitary and inconvenient. BizPappa’s solution for this is a customized, electronic gift card that can be loaded on any smartphone and paid digitally at the restaurants. This is a long term solution that is COVID-19 compliant but makes great business sense, since gift cards are extremely easy to buy and give as gifts. It also allows new customers to try new restaurants and helps broaden client reach. BizPappa is offering these custom, electronic gift cards to restaurants for FREE (read: zero dollars) as a gesture of goodwill in directly supporting their communities and small businesses. Restaurant owners and customers alike, can order custom gift cards via the BizPappa website, here.



2. Custom, mobile friendly menu website, for just $49

Restaurant menus are harbingers of disease, often not being washed by restaurants and encouraging mass spread of bacteria. Between the health risks, costs of maintaining physical menus, and customer preference to be on their smartphone at all times, the obvious solution would be an integrated menu system that works on customer devices.

Every restaurant should have a clean, responsive web menu that loads beautifully on every device without needing to download any apps. BizPappa offers a web based solution inclusive of a landing page displaying all the menu items, interactive elements (like feedback surveys), and best of all, customers can pay for their meal right from the landing page. Not only is this option sanitary, it increases online presence and deepens client reach. BizPappa creates this landing page and doesn’t charge any ongoing service or hosting fees, and delivers the landing page to restaurant owners within 48 hours of ordering. Of course, all restaurant branding and aesthetics will be incorporated into the landing page, and BizPappa is happy to make revisions along the way. Owners can place their order for a custom landing page site via the BizPappa website, here.



3. Single-use menu templates. $9.00 one time Setup Fee

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Inbound health regulations are requiring many restaurants to use single-use, paper menus, which are to be disposed of after each customer. Creating these menus require some serious design work and time- ensuring that all menu items are attractive, scaled correctly, and easy to read by the customer. BizPappa has simplified this process for restaurant owners by offering a menu template service where they design a beautiful, replicable menu template that has all the menu items as well as restaurant branding. For restaurant owners, this is a huge time saver, and once they have the template, they are free to print and recycle as needed. BizPappa’s single-use menus can be ordered on their website, and will be supplied within 48 hours of ordering. Time is of the essence!

The reopening of restaurants are subject to a variety of health-related regulations that, for some, are just as bad as being closed entirely. BizPappa is on a mission to simplify this process for restaurants and usher their customer experience into a digital age that is becoming increasingly important to adopt.

For more updates on BizPappa, as well as exclusive giveaways, you can join the BizPappa mailing list. To learn more about BizPappa and their services, visit their website.

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