As restaurants prepare to reopen their doors amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are many questions about which health regulations will be enforced, to protect the customers from potential exposure to disease. In Washington (as well as many other states), where governments are calling for Phase 2 reopening, restaurants are required to use only single-use menus, for patrons that choose to dine-in. This is a guideline enforced by state governments and will likely remain a standard for an extended period of time.

When you think about it, single-use menus are a fairly effective way to protect patrons from disease. Most restaurant menus are touched dozens if not hundreds of times per day, and are seldom offered more cleaning effort than a wet towel wipe down. When it comes to the Corona Virus, every precaution must be taken, to protect people from illness.

Common concerns with creating single-use menus

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As restaurants begin to understand the need for single-use menus, they are posed with a challenge of moving their entire menu (sometimes many pages) to a single sheet of paper. Without some level of design experience, these menus can end up being too condensed and difficult to read for customers, and often times don’t do justice to the branding of a restaurant. If your restaurant has mascots (characters), they have GOT to be on the single-use menus! Take a look at these beautiful, example single-use menus that utilize their space as effectively as possible:



Creating menus like this for a restaurant may appear like a simple task, but there are technical complications that come with formatting them- how do you know which spacing to use? Are all of the lines level? Where do you place your featured items? How should prices be formatted? If restaurants aren’t careful, their menus could become an eye-sore for patrons.

At BizPappa, we are creating custom menu templates for restaurants, ensuring that all of their options are presented, as well as isolating key featured items, sides, etc. Once a restaurant has a menu template, they can adjust it however they like, and print as many copies as they like. The beautify of BizPappa templates is that they are perfectly formatted for printing on any size sheet of paper, and are delivered electronically to restaurant owners within 48 hours of ordering. To learn more about BizPappa menu templates, please visit bizpappa.com. Menu templates are only $9 USD, and can be modified to fit your restaurants standards as much as needed. BizPappa will take every measure to ensure a restaurants brand is messaged flawlessly through the menu template.

BizPappa menu templates can be ordered single or double sided, depending on how many items are to be listed, as well has how much work (flipping the sheet over) restaurants want their patrons to have to do. You might be surprised by the number of people who forget to flip the menu over!


Additional marketing benefits of single-use menus

man-in-gray-suit-reading-the-menu-3528716Aside from the health related benefits of single-use menus, there are also marketing benefits to them. If your restaurant has seasonal specials, single-use menus allow you to constantly update which items are listed, for a fraction of the cost.
Formal, reusable menus take time to print and are much more costly, so fewer changes are ever made. BizPappa menu templates can be adjusted and rearranged anytime, so restaurants can always have their hottest or newest items at the top of the list.

If you have additional space on your single-use menu, you can also add games or coloring sections for the kids, feedback surveys for patrons to let you know how they’re doing, social media contact info or coupon signups, and more!

Single-use menus can also be taken home by customers, which means whatever brand material is on your menu, will go home with them and will potentially reach other people. This is a huge marketing opportunity and should not be taken lightly. A few ideas for what restaurants can include on their single-use menus are:


Single-use menus are not only a benefit to customers from a health standpoint, and to restaurants from a marketing and sustainability standpoint, they are quickly becoming a requirement of all restaurants as a measure of public safety. Restaurants need to get ahead of the curve and order custom, single-use menus from BizPappa.com.


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