The future of restaurant-customer interaction is mobile-friendly websites..

As restaurants continue to battle for the ability to reopen amidst COVID-19, technology continues to offer unique solutions. Solutions that ensure company efficiency and attentiveness to health standards, as well as reassuring customers that they are not at risk of being exposed to disease. Technology also offers unique marketing and branding opportunities for restaurants, as we discussed the long term benefit of using BizPappa electronic gift cards in a previous article.

While some restaurants prefer the physical menu types (which BizPappa also offers custom templates for single-use menus), others are looking into more futuristic/interactive options. This is something that BizPappa specializes in, creating unique, mobile-optimized website landing pages for restaurants, from which customers can easily see menu items, learn more about the restaurant, participate in surveys, share with their friends, and more.


Are websites really necessary for restaurants? 

According to a study by MGH (a full-service marketing communications agency), 77% of diners visit a restaurant’s website before they dine in or order out from the establishment. Of that group, nearly 70% have been discouraged from visiting the restaurant because of its website, according to a press release.


The reality is that people are so engaged on their smartphones and computers, that exploring restaurants for food options (or just to feel out the restaurant vibe) on their devices is second nature. Entire industries (Uber Eats, Postmates, etc) have capitalized on this virtual desire to find food (although their initiative is primarily behind delivery) and have spent years refining their process of virtual food discover. Some people however, still want to sit down at a restaurant to eat- but they will definitely research the restaurant online before going in.

There is also the untouched aspect of restaurant websites that are used within the establishments themselves. Here’s a unique idea: create coupons on your custom website that can only be redeemed if people show it at the counter. This will encourage usability of the website while at the restaurant, which can then also be used to collect feedback from customers, or offer games (remember when menus had tic-tac-toe?) for hungry patrons. Great for kids, great for adults, great for the restaurant.


Additional benefits of custom mobile websites

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Of course the primary reason for using a landing page for a restaurant is to create a contactless solution for interacting with the restaurant- reviewing menu items, exploring marketing content, and more. There are however, many other benefits to mobile friendly websites for restaurants. By interacting with a mobile site, customers can be encouraged to share updates on their social media pages with a single tap. Or, they could find interactive, geo-locked content (only appears when they are at your location) that encourages fun and engaging participation. Now, you’re providing more than just a meal- you’re providing an experience, one that is health-conscious and COVID-19 friendly.

At BizPappa, we are creating restaurants mobile websites with all of these types of features, and we are flexible to design them however restaurant owners see fit. No need for admin work, and we cover all the cloud infrastructure costs. Learn more about BizPappa mobile friendly websites here and order yours today!


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