When it comes to buying a restaurant business in Seattle, there are many avenues, marketplaces, and opportunities available. However, in order to have a successful sale or purchase, it takes a strong team of individuals who are familiar with the various laws and processes in the state of Washington. At BizPappa, our mission is to help restaurant owners take the best steps possible to succeed in their business, as well as financial lives, while feeling confident and level headed in their decision making. With a variety of networks, relationships and avenues to promote a listing (not to mention a robust privacy policy that involves NDAs), BizPappa can help every business owner make smart, concise business decisions, quickly. Let’s take a look at the restaurant services that BizPappa offers.

1. Selling a restaurant

In light of COVID-19, many restaurants are facing financial hardships. Some of which, might lead to an inevitable closing down of their establishment. If a restaurant is facing such hardship (or perhaps the owners are looking to leave the food industry for other reasons), then selling might be the best move. Selling real estate can be tricky, especially with restaurants, which have a variety of complexities that must be thought through when listing. Our mission is to help sellers get the most value possible, with the least amount of headache. Some of our more granular, selling features include:


To learn more/contact us about listing your restaurant, visit our website!

2. Buying a restaurant

Buying a restaurant is completely different animal. If you’re considering buying a restaurant this year (2020) then I first applaud you. With all the uncertainty in the world (COVID-19), there is a lot of apprehension about stepping into a new business venture. However, those people that can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are brave enough to take on risk (that have positive cash flow, and don’t get cold feet when looking at a sales price), are the ones that will end up coming out on top, at the end of it all. At BizPappa, we’re proud to work with the risk takers and those hungry enough (pun intended) to own the next best, iconic Seattle restaurant. Being a new owner is also FUN, and we want to help make your dreams come true. Working with us as a preferred agent also has other benefits:

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To learn more/contact us about buying your own restaurant, visit our website!


3. Existing restaurant services

We know that not everyone is looking to buy or sell a restaurant. For many owners, the question is; how do I stay afloat/adapt to the changes of our world? Maybe you already have a great location, all the square feet you need to treat customers with comfort, and are looking for the next great opportunity to amplify your business? Here’s how BizPappa can help:



At the end of the day, if you have a restaurant in downtown Seattle or somewhere on the east side, if you you’re an owner or operator already, and are looking for a lead business broker to help you take your next steps in the professional restaurant business, BizPappa is here to help. To learn more about the services we offer, visit our website and get in touch today!


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