COVID-19 is effecting virtually every industry, but none is having as hard a time as the restaurant industry. If you’re a restaurant owner (or know someone who is), then you’re probably well aware of the problems and financial scares that are causing many restaurant owners to panic. With 3% of all US restaurants announcing they are closing their doors forever. (according to the National Restaurant Association) and that number forecasting a possible 11%, the fear of restaurant ownership is very, very real. For some, the best option might be to sell while they still can.

Selling your restaurant business isn’t as bad as it may seem, in fact, there are a lot of hungry (pun intended) buyers in the market, which means it is very possible to sell your restaurant for normal market value. That is, if you have a solid team supporting you, like BizPappa.

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Benefits of Selling your Restaurant

When it comes to selling your restaurant (or any business), there are a variety of financial breaks, not to mention mental breaks, involved. There are also a lot of complications that go into selling a restaurant. Things like stock, rent, depreciation, all have to be accounted for and reported correctly. For many restaurant owners, this requires extensive amounts of time, which steers them away from the selling process entirely. Unfortunately, this evade tactic typically leaves them with no other option than going bankrupt. Let’s stay clear of that. 🙂

When it comes to selling, there’s a positive possibility of selling a percentage of your restaurant, which is something we’ve helped with on several occasions. By selling 30% of your business to an interested party, you give yourself a huge financial break, and might just find yourself with a business partner that helps take your restaurant to the next level. The returns could literally be exponential! At BizPappa, we have an extensive network of verified buyers, and the means to set up quick, NDA-backed meetings, for quick and dynamic business plan executions.



Benefits of Selling your Restaurant with BizPappa

At BizPappa, we have years of experience in helping restaurant owners sell their establishments, on their own terms. There are several key benefits to having BizPappa help you with selling your restaurant business:



On top of these benefits, BizPappa will also create a virtual tour of your restaurant (helps with sales), advertise the listing on all social media platforms, as well as BizBuySell (with boosted advertising) and negotiate all contracts on your behalf. Getting you the best deal is our mission.

We know how to find the right buyer (full or partial) for your restaurant because we know how much your restaurant means to you. We take an extreme amount of effort and ownership in helping you sell your business quickly, so you can start focusing on the next chapter of your life (or next business decision!). To list your restaurant with BizPappa, or for a free consultation, contact us today via our website. There, you can also learn more about which restaurants we’re currently selling, see our attention to detail, and more!