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BizPappa Broker Tools


Property Management

Publish and Manage Your Property Data From An Easy-To-Use Front-end Dashboard

Everything you need to publish your property is done with a user-friendly dashboard. There is no longer a need to fiddle with WordPress pages or use clunky forms.


Manage Your Leads and Inquiries From The Custom CRM Included With BizPappa

Need to keep track of your leads and clients? You don’t have to to buy a separate solution to get this done. BizPappa has all the features of a modern CRM to help you maximize your profits.


Stay On Top Of Your Visitors Information With Insight Property Data

See what works and what doesn’t by using our flexible analytics panel. Every single interaction your visitors have with your site is tracked providing valuable insights about your listings.


Featured Properties Allows Your Agents To Put Their Listings Under a Spotlight

Let your agents push their best assets by placing them in the right spot. Allow them to mark certain properties as “featured” and show their hottest products without extra work.


Allow Your Customers To Favorite The Properties They Like The Most

While your visitors browse through BizPappa Website, they are able to save favorites with a click of a mouse and easily come back to them at a later time to visit.


Let Your Users Save Their Searches With a Wide Range Of Criteria

Since there is a near-infinite amount of possible search criteria combinations, why not make it easy for your visitors to save the searches that match their dream property?


Automatically Notify Your Users When A Saved Search Matches New Properties

Help your users stay on top of their property search by instantly notifying them when a property that matches their saved search criteria is added to your portfolio


Issue Invoices, Bill Your Members And Track All The Necessary Financial Data

We didn’t compromise on the completeness of our invoicing solution: all the financial data is always at you fingertips allowing you to save time on bookkeeping and auditing

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