Only 5% Total Commission Fee for Sellers
Access Over 300 Pre-Screened Prospects
Reach Over 500 Local Restaurant Buyers
Exclusive 1% Rebate for Buyers Upon Closing

Browse Restaurants for Sale

Restaurants Listed on BizPappa Buy and Sell Fast!

Browse Restaurants for Sale

Restaurants Listed on BizPappa Buy and Sell Fast!


BizPappa offers an incredible 1% rebate towards closing cost.

Comprehensive Data

Instant and comprehensive data is available on all properties

Instant Online NDA

The speed and security will get you one step closer to closing the deal

Exclusive Concierge Service

Building business plans and creating business owner profiles

Assigned Partner Agents

Imagine, instant access to your BizPappa partner agents 24/7

Pay only 5% Total Commission Fee for Sellers.

Unmatched Marketing

Detailed marketing plan and professional photos NO cost

Seattle Buyer List

Promotes seller’s properties through targeted ads & email campaigns

Top Notch Service

Our agents help you negotiate a deal and close the transaction

Only 5% TOTAL Commission

Imagine, only a 5% listing fee. Best of all, NO hidden fees

Our Client Says

The BizPappa Solution to Buying, Selling and Managing Restaurant Businesses

When it comes to buying a restaurant business in Seattle, there are many avenues, marketplaces, and opportunities available. However, in order to have a successful sale or purchase, it takes a strong team of individuals who are familiar with the various laws and processes in the state of Washington. At BizPappa, our mission is to […]

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Troubled times? Sell your restaurant business with BizPappa!

COVID-19 is effecting virtually every industry, but none is having as hard a time as the restaurant industry. If you’re a restaurant owner (or know someone who is), then you’re probably well aware of the problems and financial scares that are causing many restaurant owners to panic. With 3% of all US restaurants announcing they […]

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Here’s why buying a restaurant business during COVID-19 might be a good idea

“The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell.” – Sir John Templeton   If you study the history of successful business ventures, many of them have started during uncertain times. The food and beverage industry, no surprise, is going through […]

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