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Buy or build ? which is best for you ?

Buy or Build ? Which is Best For You ? There are myriad of details to juggle when you want to buy a business. As an aspiring restaurant owner, debating between buying an existing restaurantor building a new restaurant is a constant struggle.Buying an existing restaurant certainly has an edge over building a new restaurant. If you are searching for restaurants for sale in Seattle, Tacoma, or near you, then let’s walk through the benefits of purchasing a new restaurant. Existing Customer BaseWhen you buy a restaurant that’s already been open for a few years, this business will have developed loyal and regular customers.An existing customer base is an added advantage from day one. You’ll get customer flow, and you’ll be required to invest less money into marketing. Food enthusiasts will be aware of your restaurant and will likely want to try your food. At this stage, a new owner will believe in their food quality and accept “word of mouth” marketing that long-time, loyal customers provide.Make sure to retain the restaurant’s current phone number.Retaining the phone number will allow you to receive phone calls from the previous owner’s loyal customers.Cost Effective & Reduce TimeBuying a current restaurant is always far less expensive when compared to building a new restaurant. If a restaurant/business is vacant, the landlord will be more than willing to make a deal to find a new tenant.Once the new owner takes occupancy and does not change the existing layoutfloor plan or the equipment arrangement under the hood, then the new owner can easily operate the business after the ownership has officially changed hands. At this point of the transaction, the new owner should schedule the fire inspection in the next few following weeks. In short, start-up time for an existing restaurant is minimal. If there is a change to any of the equipment or the equipment arrangement under hood, then it is vital a fire inspection be scheduled.Equipment and Inventory In most cases when a restaurant is purchased the business already includes equipment and inventory. Be aware that purchasing all new equipment and inventory (dining table, chairs, POS (point-of-sale), phone, etc.)will be double the cost compared tousingthe current equipment and inventory. Having existing equipment and inventory makes the transition from the previous ownership to new ownership virtually seamless.City Compliance Building a new restaurant includes more steps to be completed before the doors to the restaurant can be opened to the public. The major hurdles include:Acquiring all permits, including a public health food permit.Scheduling a fire inspection from the city fire department. The fire inspection can be very time-consuming.The erratic relationship working with individual contractors.Currently operating restaurants will have up-to-date health licenses, a food safety rating, and a fire department inspection report. Asavvy owner will make sure that the restaurant is complying with the city’s most current codes and ordinances and will update the city of the restaurant’s change in ownership. It’s important for restaurant owners  to evaluate all the options and consider which opportunities offer the most advantages.Locating a prospective restaurant in the desired area is possible. Bizpappa is the modern platform to find restaurants for sale or lease in your city. If you are asking yourself, “Where do I find restaurants for sale near me?” Bizpappa is the answer! Related Blogs

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Tips to selling your restaurant at the best price and fast

Tips to selling your restaurant at the best price and fast Determining the value of a restaurant is always tricky because you need to separate the real assets and liabilities of the company from the value of the brand. For example, a pizza shop in a Seattle outlet mall has valuable assets like equipment, a favorable location, and a good lease that could interest a buyer. However, customers may not care that they are buying a slice of pizza from John’s Pizza or Joe’s Pizza if the quality is reasonable. In this example, the pizza restaurant’s brand adds limited value. On the other hand, a restaurant known for signature items, with a strong customer base and quality marketing tools will have value beyond the tangible assets. Sale price of a restaurant includes: Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Remaining lease terms Liquor license, if applicable Goodwill When the time comes to sell your restaurant there are many tangible and intangible factors to consider. Your restaurant is unique, and even if you’re prepared to sell, the emotional connection that you have with the business can make setting an accurate and feasible price extremely difficult. In the case of determining a competitive price for your restaurant, a professional business broker can be invaluable. Professional consultants help you to move past your emotional connection to the restaurant. Next an experienced broker works through the details to set the best price to attract buyers while still meeting your own financial goals. If you are currently a restaurant owner, you will attract quality buyers by maintaining a detailed record of income, expenses and other financial statements. Make sure that you always have at least 12 months of profit and loss statements for your company available for potential buyers to evaluate. List your inventory and other assets, such as specialized equipment and furniture. Calculating a competitive sale price is an area where a good broker with restaurant expertise is well worth the fee. The general formula to value a business is based on the sale price. The value can be calculated by taking net profit times a factor of 3% to 5%. For example, if a restaurant earns $100,000 net profit annually, then the restaurant’s market price is between $300,000 to $500,000. If a restaurant is marketed to the right buyers at a competitive price and the restaurant shows an accurate and truthful net income, the right buyer is out there.  There is a lot that goes into selling a restaurant, much more than many other types of businesses. Find a broker that has access to many local buyers in the company’s database. Also, locate a broker that offers great exposure to available restaurants and maintains confidentiality. Related Blogs

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Buying a restaurant what do i need to know ?

Restaurant buyer stages: Find A Restaurant Select a broker who has collected all the pertinent data and done the research on the restaurant you want to buy. The research includes the location, the existing kitchen configuration and information of the surrounding area so you can identify your potential competition. Tour the facility, plan a visit to the restaurant with the agentseller. Make note of the existing interior and exterior equipment. Identify the available parking for the restaurant you want to purchase. Use a specialized restaurant broker to ensure the business is priced right, and will help throughout the transaction including the current lease terms Quality In-house brokers ensure that every buyer has a smooth transaction. The transaction starts from identifying the target restaurant and closes the first day you take control operating the restaurant. Locate brokers that have no hidden fees and is FREE of charge. Close the transaction : Once you have identified the restaurant you want to purchase, the next step is submitting your business plan to the current owner/landlord for approval. Select a broker that helps create tailor-made business plans and offers a 100% success rate on business plan submission. This 100% success rate benefits you as the buyer. Set up financing. Arrange the required funds to purchase the restaurant and make financial information available to the landlord/seller. Showing that you have the required funding in place builds confidence with the landlord/seller and can expedite the purchasing process. Establish the proper corporate entity that will be purchasing the existing restaurant. Your corporate entity can be filed and established as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or S-Corporation. Each corporate entity has specific advantages and disadvantages. Day-One Operation : Submit change of ownership with the county without making any changes to kitchen equipment and floor plan. Submitting/filing with the county will enable you to start business on day-one of operations. Modify the floor plan only if needed. To avoid delays in starting operations, begin business with the existing restaurant setup, then modify the setup post-launch by applying for the necessary permits Soft launch – On day-one, don’t include all your potential menu items. Plan and prepare a limited menu. BizPappa strongly suggests that you offer the limited menu for a week before announcing your grand opening Integrate POS to both your payment and inventory tracking systems Related Blogs

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